What is Biodiversity? This word always pops up when people talk about nature. Sadly, lots of people do not know what Biodiversity comprehensively means. They know it must have something to do with nature, but what exactly is it’s relationship to nature?

Biodiversity is formed from two words: ‘Biological” and “Diversity”, it is quite a new term as far as language is concerned. Scientists began to use it in the early 1990’s to explain the variability and variety of life on earth. Plants, animals, forest, species, ecosystems, all of these are Biodiversity. On earth there are many different types of ecosystems or geographic ecosystems, such as rainforests, tundras, deserts, seas, or coastal mangrove forests, all of these are known as biodiversity at the landscape or ecosystem level. Within each of these ecosystems we can find a plethora of living beings: Animals, plants, humans, even microba all of these are known as the biodiversity of species. Still further, within each species there is a variety of unique individuals. This variety is formed by the diversity of gens – hence we find that there is a huge pool of genetic diversity within each species. All of this biodiversity is important in terms of protecting the integrity of life on Earth.

In Indonesia, we created the term “Keanekaragaman Hayati” as a translation of “Biodiversity”.

We live in Indonesia, the largest archipelago in the world that has more than 17.000 islands, different geographic ecosystems, naturally this makes Indonesia one of the richest countries in the worl in terms of biodiversity genetically and species wise. In Indonesia we can experience seeing gepgraphic ecosystems, and species of animals and plants that cannot be found anywhere els in the world.

every area are has their own uniqueness. How lucky we are to be born and to livel in Indonesia.

Biodiversity play an important role in our life. All the food we consume every day, with the rich tastes of regional recipees are possible because of biodiversity. Unique cultures are born because of the uniqueness of the biodiversity in each area. The richness of our biodiversity crates the richness of our multitude of different cultures too.

What would happen if people do not care for biodiversity? The answer is extinction. We cannot live without biodiversity. Biodiversity is our main source of living. By caring for biodiversity we can pave a way for a good future of all life, including the future of our lives as humans.