East Sumba

Sumba is an island in eastern Indonesia. It is in the province of East Nusa Tenggara. Sumba Island divided into four regency, one of which is East Sumba. East Sumba District cover almost half of Sumba Island and three sides of the district is encircled by white beeches and blue seas. Nestled in these coast lines are many traditional villages making Tenun Ikat (Ikat Handwoven Textiles).

Following up on prior work with Paluanda Lama Hamu, from August 2016 until March 2018, Sekar Kawung in collaboration with the Samdhana Institute received a grant from MCA-Indonesia to facilitate the initiation and creation of a Green Economic sector in the three villages of Lambanapu, Mauliru and Palakahembi where the Paluanda Lama Hamu group of tenun ikat artisans live.

Beside weaving program, Sekar Kawung also assist the community and facilitate them with additional skills such as hospitality and mastery of other soft skills. With the coaching from Sekar Kawung, now the community can be more independent in raising their economy in a way that keeps maintaining the culture, customs, and environment that is inhabited.