Sustainable Prosperity

What we mean by Sustainable prosperity is a long term vision for a good life, where prosperity is defined simultaneously from a material, ecological and spiritual perspective. A prosperity that reflects a life giving relationship between humans and mother nature. Where humans work to maintain and nurture thriving natural ecosystems through careful use of natural resources in fulfilling their needs.

The keywords for sustainable prosperity are:

  • Respect - A respect for the integrity of living ecosystems, and the biodiversity living theirein. Respect for the dignity of human beings.
  • Diversity – Because we recognize that diversity is the key to resilience of life on earth.
  • Culture - Indonesia is a nation of hundreds of different ethnic groups, spread throughout the greatest archipelago on earth, strung through the Equator spanning different habitats and ecosystems. The culture unique culture of these ecosystems have evolved over millenia, establishing great cultures, which hold vast wisdom in their values, principles, and in all the practices they carry out in life. These cultures hold within them key knowledge on how to live sustainably in all the different geographical places that constitute the country we know today as Indonesia.
  • Careful and mindful use of resources, be they human made or naturally available in nature.
  • Long term vision and positive change. We believe that with a long term vision for positive change, it will be possible to address the challenges we face in the 21 st century. The challenges of climate change, of dwindling resources, of damaged ecosystems and habitas, of biodiversity extinction, of conflicts over resources and violations of rights, of poverty and inequality. In facing all these problems we need to be able to see beyond the habit of immediate and instant indulgence in fulfilling our needs, and adopt a comprehensive, long- term vision for a community that represents a higher and wider focus for positive change for the environment, and for people alike. If it is not a long-term, then it is not sustainable. Also, if it is not positive, it will in the end undermine efforts to create prosperity.

In the 21 st century, mainstream society has adopted a dominant habit of expecting everything to be instant. Driven at a high pace, for fast results, with a short processing time, are all things that people want in this era. Is that good? Not always. That expectation for everything to be instant makes people think faster but not for the long-term. Mostly, people are concerned only about their problem and their life, not about future generation. Surely, this is bad for our common future, especially for the next generations to come.

In the name of having everything instant and practical we use single use plastic bags and containers, we put dangerous or untested additives into our food and drinks, we cut and decimate forests and pollute the seas. Ultimately we are in danger of unconciously killing life on earth in the name of instant practicality.

In imagining sustainable prosperity we conciously work to restore life, and cherish the nurturing and creative aspects of culture in our efforts to fulfill human needs. We protect biodiversity and use it wisely in creating food, shelter, fashion and even spiritual and recreational needs. As we use elements of nature we think? How can we do this without endangering other species, without poisoning earth. How can we fulfill our needs and nurture the abundance of life on earth at the same time? The answers will help us achieve sustainable prosperity.

We must have a long-term vision to get a sustainable prosperity. Sustainable prosperity does not talk about our generation only, but for our future. The target of sustainable prosperity is the increase of true community wealth. It represents a healthier, happier, and more prosperous future.

How can we reach sustainable prosperity? Actually, sustainable prosperity is the result from protecting our biodiversity and maintaining our living cultures. That’s the key of sustainable prosperity.

Indonesia is endowed with huge potential to achieve a sustainable prosperity in the form of it’s rich heritage of biodiversity and cultural diversity. Let’s start to participate to achieve a sustainable prosperity by protecting our biodiversity and enriching the local culture. It will help our beloved country, Indonesia to have a more prosperous generation, improve our economic conditions, and have a good competition with developed countries in the world.